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Who we are?
Max Digitizing offer every kind of bespoke embroidery digitizing services. Our proficient master hands and super toughened digitizers transforms any emblem, graphic image or design into fabulous digitized embroidery with prime quality similarly as value effective.

What We Do?
At Max Digitizing, our approach is to deliver our innovative embroidery digitizing services to our customers in the market. We can rework any instructions into a visible complete expertise with artistic ideas. We tend to area unit giving 3D puff, Applique & Tuft, Chenille, 3d embroidery, Sequins Embroidery, etc. we tend to additionally deal altogether the most important formats like: EMB, DST, PXF, CND, EXP etc.
It’s extremely an excellent option to sing their own praises your complete or business emblem. Having brobdingnagian (immense) expertise during this digitizing trade we tend to area unit renowned for our technicalities, regardless of it’s little or elaborated style, for that we produce our own patterns, no matter the level of help you are looking for during a digitisation partner, we can work with you to accomplish your goals.

How We Care About Our Customers?
We do extra care in meeting the expectations of our valued customers because we perceive the importance of communication thus; we tend to perpetually try and give you the most effective attainable client care via phone and email. For prompt responses you’ll be able to contact us anytime, as we are available 24/7 only for you.

Max Digitizing provides embroidery digitizing further as vector art services with a price effective resolution. We provide high standards towards our work which will keep our purchasers on top.  There are several reasons to settle on us:
1) We’ve got huge expertise, high-end instrumentality, dedicated digitizers, well-tried method and secure facility.
2) We match your materials with the proper instrumentation to supply archival-quality pictures.
3) Quality assurance is over simply a final step. We do further care in meeting the expectations of our valued customers because we believe projected your ideas on the canvas.
4) We bring you the most recent technologies.
5) We square measure accessible 24/7 to serve you.
Max Digitizing is using art designers, proficient digitizers, Pc professionals and skilled machine operators creativeness and innovative talents to present the most effective embroidery product for each client. We are providing 3D puff, Applique & Tuft, Chenille, 3D embroidery, Sequins embroidery, etc. We tend to additionally deal altogether the foremost formats like .EMB.DST .PXF .CND .EXP etc.
What we primarily focus is, making a distinctive and crowd pleasing embroidery styles by remodeling any brand, graphic image or design with prime notch client service. We offer fast, skilled and competitive priced services in quick turnaround. So, if you wish to induce such services then get in contact with us today.

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