The first factor that comes to mind is what's digitizing?


 Digitizing is the procedure of adjusting an art work (logo/design) into the advanced digital frame. It’s referred to the craft where, the text or a picture is transferred or recreated, technically from analog-to-digital, into a sew file that may embroidery machine sew. Digital form is where the date is saved within the variety of binary digits.

Raster VS Vector

Max Digitizing provides formation to vector art conversion service that save your time and cash down the road. The method is really very easy, you just need to send us your jpg, gift or any image you wish to convert into viable vector art via email and that we merely re-trace your logo or sketch using the graphics industry standard Adobe Illustrator.

Logos for Your Business

You need your embroidery business to stand apart from the rest. You wish your worker uniforms to indicate your clients precisely what sort of organization you are. The issue is you can’t find out the proper logo. 

Customization, style, flair: these are all the things you have to consider when planning a great new logo. But one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to go computerized along with your logo.

Emboidery Digitizing process

The first thing that comes in mind is what is digitizing?Digitizing is the complex process that is both an art and science. It is the procedure of changing an art work (logo/design) into the advanced digital frame. It is referred to the craft where, the text or an image is transferred or recreated, technically from analog form to digital form, into a stitch file that can embroidery machine sew. Digital form is where data is saved in the form of binary digits.

Emboidery Digitizing Basic Steps

Firstly the digitizer must understand the design’s requirements that includes the desired size, type of fabric or garment that is needed to be embroidered. Digitizer should also learn how design should be interpreted, the spaces should be left blank to show the background or be covered up with thread. Most importantly digitizer should also know the specific requirements of stitch to match the existing design.
Analyzing the artwork should be the next step of digitizer to check ….

Digitizing Software

It is the sort of programming that helps the digitizer to transform the simple logo/design into different embroidery designs. Most of the software’s are easily available for both machine embroidery and hand embroidery work. With the embroidery digitizing software’s, digitizers can develop the new patterns or can turn the images/design into a perfect digitizing artwork.

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