1. What is custom embroidery digitizing? 
  1. Embroidery digitizing is that the method within which an image converts into associate degree embroidery style. An analog-digital converter takes the file and plots points for the embroidering machine that conjure the ultimate style. That final style could be a data file formatted for a particular complete of embroidery machine, because while not this file the machine doesn’t recognize wherever to stitch. 
  1. Which information you need to send along with the order?
  1. We need you to inform us about: 

1) Design name.

 2) Size (Inch or Cm.) you can tell us one side – Width or Height. If you provide us with size of 1 facet, the opposite facet can go proportionately.

 3) Colors: The colors that you would need us to put in that design. Sometimes you may not need all the colours therefore you’ll enter info here.

4) Fabric to embroider.

4)Why do you need to know what material I am sewing on?

4)The reason is so we can compensate for all the unexpected things that stitches like to do on different materials. For instance, if you’re aiming to be stitching on a towel we’d add further stitches known as “underlay” to form a power tool surface for the embroidery to stitch on. If we don’t recognize you’re stitching on a towel, we’d not recognize to feature these further stitches. Every bit of knowledge we all know regarding your job makes for elevated embroidery.

4)What about the copyrighted or trademarked designs?

4)If you send us an image of design or emblem to be digitized, we will assume you either own the copyright or have received written permission from the copyright owner to own it digitized for machine embroidery. If it’s across the nation recognized emblem, we are going to probably raIse that you furnish the written permission. This can be to safeguard each folks from potential infringement of copyright.

  1. Can I switch the colors in the design from the colors you sent to me? 
  1. The embroidery file we send you tell the embroidering machine 2 things: wherever to travel and once to change colours, It doesn’t tell the machine that color to change, this may be allotted by your needleworker and is proscribed to the colour thread they need offered. 
  1. Why can’t I open the file you sent me? 
  1. When you order a design, we’ll send you a pair of files when the design is digitized. One file will solely be opened with associate embroidery machine or embroidery code, therefore unless you have got one in all the 2 you’ll be able to not open the file. this is often the rationale for the second file. This file is in an exceedingly PDF format and it’s a picture of the digitized design. We send you this file therefore you’ll be able to check orthography and filler problems. 
  1. What is your standard turnaround time? 
  1. We send all files back to our customers in 4-6 hours. 
  1. How do I pay for your service? 
  1. First we’d like you to submit a file that you simply got to have quoted. When you tell us to travel ahead and alter style, we’ll send you back a picture of what the final digitized design. We email Invoices to our client with every of their proceed orders. If you trust the results, then you’ll submit payment. We’ve got multiple payment choices wherever client pays via their Credit Cards, we settle for all major Credit Cards and conjointly PayPal for Payments.

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